The Story Behind the Windows XP Wallpaper

The fact that Windows has announced that they will be terminating their support for Windows XP is a little sad for me. I used Windows XP for many years. I started out on my dad’s Apple II, and then my dad built a computer with Windows 3.11, then we bought a Gateway 2000 with Windows 1998, and then we built a computer with Windows XP.

I was in middle school at the time we got Windows XP, and that’s when I started using the computer daily. I grew up with Windows XP! I even preferred XP to Vista. I bought Vista, installed it, and a few weeks later re-installed XP. Of course Windows 7 has taken that place for the past few years, but I used Windows XP for many years. I believe a lot of big companies still use XP for their day-to-day operations. Which is probably why Windows is deprecating support, but I’m not concerned with that. I really love Windows 7, and I haven’t really fallen in love with 8 yet.

I found this interview of Charles O’Rear, who is the photographer of the default wallpaper image for Windows Xp “Bliss”. In the interview O’Rear talks about when he photographed the image, how he sold it to Windows, and the impact this image has had AROUND THE WORLD. To think about the impact and spread that this single image has had is unbelievable.

Check out the video. If you grew up with XP (which I would assume we all did unless your 12 years old), then I think you’ll enjoy the interview.