Google Street View Keyboard Shortcuts

Some recent feedback on our real estate tours has me looking for some solutions to improve the ease and usability of the Google Street View tours that we create. One thing we are looking at is how to make the tours easy to use for everyone.

Right now the tours act just like Google Street View. You have to click and drag to look and go anywhere. Some feedback we received indicates that a lot of people would rather select a panorama, and have the panorama rotate on its own. Something like an auto-pan feature.

Until we come up with a solution that makes the tours even more simple to navigate, here is a quick list of keyword shortcuts that you can use when viewing our Google Street View tours. You can practice using the shortcuts on the tour below:

*you may practice these key combination here itself on the Street view map embedded above. Just make sure you click the map once before using these keys.

a (or left arrow key) – rotate 45 degrees in counter-clockwise direction.

d (or right arrow key) – rotate 45 degrees in clockwise direction.

w (or PageUp key) – look up towards the sky.

s (or PageDown key) – look down towards the road.

+ (plus key) – zoom in for a close-up view.

– (minus key) – zoom out one level.