Utah State Capitol Virtual Tour

I had a few minutes between photoshoots today and took the chance to go take some photographs in the Utah State Capitol Building. I’ve been wanting to visit there for quite some time, and finally just made it happen.

You’ll see I took a few panoramas on the second floor, where the absolutely amazing rotunda is located. You can walk up and the down the hall a little there.

I also went upstairs, and I believe I was on the fourth floor, and took a few single panoramas just to show off the incredible architecture.

I honestly had not been to the state capitol, and gone inside since elementary school. More people should visit the Utah State Capitol building, as they have tons of things to look at. You can just wander around, or you can take a guided tour. They have lots of Utah facts and information in displays around the capitol, and they also allow you to take all the pictures you want. Even pictures for engagements, family pictures, or whatever else you may want to do – and it’s free.

So check out the virtual tour of the Utah State Capitol Building

Utah State Capitol Rotunda

Utah Supreme Court